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Why can't I see people on the Schedule calendar?
Why can't I see people on the Schedule calendar?

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This article will help you to troubleshoot the possible reasons why you cannot see people on the Schedule calendar. The Schedule page will display all the people who meet the criteria to assign shifts to them.  Please find below a list of situations where a person will not be visible in the Schedule calendar.

1. Contract start date is in the future. Contract start date can be checked and also edited on person´s profile. Please look up the correct profile from Employee list under People page.

 2. Contract has ended. If the person´s contract has ended, then the person´s profile will be archived and it will not show up in Schedule calendar nor in the active Employee list. To update the contract end date, please look up the person profile from the Contract Ended list and update the date within the Work Details section under the profile.

3. Status is not 'Approved'. People will not show up in Schedule calendar if they status is one of the following - 'Not Activated', 'Data incomplete' or 'Waiting for approval'. You can check people statuses under Employee list.

4. Search filter issue. The person might not be visible under Schedule calendar if the person is not meeting the current search criteria. For example, you have filtered the search by department/position and the person does not have the correct department/position added to the profile. Please add the missing information to the person´s profile.

5. Try selecting 'All people & shifts' to look up the person.

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