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PARiM´s People list allows you to keep track of your employees data in many different ways and one of the possibilities is to have an overview when the staff last worked using the 'Last Shift' column and date range filter.

Please follow the steps to add 'Last Shift' columns and filter to the People list:

  1. Click on the three vertical stripes to add a new visible column - 'Last Shift' 

  2. Click on 'Add filter' on the filter bar on the left-hand side and add 'Last Shift' date range filter

  3. Once all the needed columns and filters have been selected for your view we would recommend to 'Save view'  so you could simply and quickly open the same data layout again next time without the need to manually add the columns and filters again

  4. You have created a view for Last Shift information overview on the People page

After adding the 'Last Shift' column and filter you can:

  1. Sort the Last Shift column by ascending/descending order by clicking on the header

  2. Define a specific date range for last shift info using the filter 'Last Shift' by adding the dates - from, to or both.
    2.1 Only 'From' date - will show people who have had published assigned shifts after that date under Last Shit column
    2.2 Only 'To' date - will show people who have had published assigned shifts before that date under Last Shift column
    2.3 Both 'From' and 'To' dates - will show people whose last published assigned shift has taken place during the specified period

  3. See who has not worked any shifts by ticking the Never worked box - this will show people who have never had any shifts

Last Shift column and filter help you to manage your staff more efficiently and will allow you to do the following HR related actions:

  1. Prompt people who have not worked for a while with a message - filter out the employees and send them a bulk message. Please read on how to send a message to multiple people

  2. Keep your People Database clean and up to date - filter out the employees who have not worked for a long time and move them to the Terminated people list. Please read on how to end the contract for multiple people

  3. Access a list of people who have worked for a particular date range - please specify the date range using 'From' and 'To' dates on the filter bar using 'Last Shift'

  4. Speed up and add accuracy to finding out when someone last worked

  5. Check if lately added employees have applied for the shifts - combination of columns 'Date created' and 'Last Shift' will give you an overview who has actively started to work for your company and who has not. And the ones who have not started to work for you - you can easily send a message to them to encourage log in to their account to apply for the shifts.

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