With PARiM you can run payroll based on defined Pay Schedules to manage your payout periods efficiently. Pay Schedules are added to Employment Types which allow you to filter the Pay Run data additionally by Employment Types for the same payout period.

As PARiM´s Pay Run report is based on Pay Schedules which need to be set up in the Pay Manager section within System Settings, then there are different general set up based reasons why People, Pay Schedules or Employment Types are not visible in the Pay Run report:

  • Pay Schedules are not created - please check whether the Pay Schedules have been created. How to create Pay Schedule?
  • Pay Schedule is not added to Employment Type - please check whether the Pay Schedule has been added to Employment Type. How to add Pay Schedule to Employment Type?
  • Employment Type is not active - please check whether the Employment type is active within Employment Setting in System Settings
  • Employment Type is not added to People - please check whether the Employment Type with Pay Schedule is added to People. How to add Employment Type to people?
  • Employment Type first period start date is in the future - please check the Employment Types first period start date under Employment Types within People Setting in System Settings by opening the specific type.

Additionally to the general reasons why data is not seen in the Pay Run report, there might be occasions when specific timesheet(s) seem not to be visible within the report, and reasons might be:

  • Timesheet has been locked to another pay period
  • Timesheet is part of another pay period - please check if the employee´s contract type has the same pay schedule as you are viewing in the report

If you are interested in accessing the Pay Run report Beta version, write to us at hello@parim.co.

However, please keep in mind that while a Beta version often introduces exciting new features we all would love to use as soon as possible, it may contain small bugs and slight errors that may not get fixed as a priority or before the main release.

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