The purpose of this article is to guide the process of smoothly importing employee, location and client data into PARiM.

Important factors to consider

Step 1 - Fill in the data

Step 2 - Save documents as CSV

Step 3 - Import the data

Important factors to consider

Before importing, you need to make sure that the data is formatted correctly and consistently.

Consistent Dates

Here is a list of formats that the PARiM system accepts from your datasheet. Please ensure you use one of the formats listed below and that it is consistent throughout the document:

  • yyyy-mm-dd


  • yyyy/mm/dd


  • dd/mm/yyyy

  • mm-dd-yyyy

  • mm.dd.yyyy

  • mm/dd/yyyy

Once the data from the Date column is within the PARiM system it will be presented in one of the formats marked in bold above. The exact format depends on your settings within System Settings -> Company Settings -> General -> Date Format as shown below:

Email addresses

Please check that all email addresses are in the correct format without any extra symbols, such as: "," or "/" or "%" or "&".

An email address is mandatory when adding a new employee. If your employee does not have an email address, you can use dummy email addresses, for example - where the number will change.

Phone numbers

The phone number field should not contain any letters. The system will not see 00, therefore please use + instead.

Try to use a unified approach across your documents. Setting up phone numbers in a unified format will help you to avoid any discrepancies at a later stage.

For example:

  • all + country code and the number

  • all straight to number.

Empty fields

Try to avoid leaving any fields empty. You can enter "-" when you don't have the data.

Mandatory fields (*)

All Mandatory fields are marked with a * and have blue borders in the document templates. If mandatory fields are empty, you can't import the data.

Registration Number (Clients)

This field does not accept letters.

Helpful notes

There are notes within each template document for entering data. Before proceeding with the import, please delete those rows as these are not needed for the import.

This is an example of the template with the notes:

And this is how it should look when you are about to start importing the data:

Step 1 - Fill in the data

Please note that some data fields such as "Department" one can only be used if the appropriate features are included in your PARiM subscription plan.

Please open the Excel templates that you received via email or use the links below:

These documents contain all of the data fields that can be imported into PARiM.

Please fill them in and then save them on your computer.

Here is a list of data that can be imported:


* - mandatory fields

Basic Information



Passport/ID Card


Additional Information


Full name*

First Name*

Last Name*



Date of Birth

City Of Birth

Country Of Birth


NI no

Tax Certificate



Second Phone



Street Address*

House No

Street No

Street Name


Development Name


Contract No

Contract Start

Contract End

Employment Type

Document Number

Issuing Country

Expiry Date

Date of Issue

Visa Expiry Date

Visa Description*

Drivers License

Access to Car


* - mandatory fields

Basic Information


Contact Person

Client Name*



Reg No

VAT no










Job Title



* - mandatory fields

Location Name*

Location ID


County or State





Step 2 - Save the document as a CSV file

Steps for Mac:

Path: File -> Export To -> CSV

Click Next

First double-check the naming (you may want to include “CSV” in the document title for quicker finding it). And then the place where you save the document and click Export.

Steps for Windows:

To save a document as a CSV file, please open the document, click on File, select Save as and then in the format drop-down list select the CSV format:

You may want to include the “CSV” in the title for a quick view and change the folder for saving it if needed:

Step 3 - Import the data

Here are the instructions on how to import Employees, Locations and Clients data in PARiM once the CSV file is prepared.


Open PARiM and follow the path below:

People -> Employees -> Add a person -> Import from file -> Select a .csv file -> select the file you saved.

Drag and drop fields from left to the right to match:

  • During matching date fields, the system will ask you to select one of the formats it supports (covered earlier in this document).

  • This is the format that you have in your document.

  • Please ensure you select the same format each time for consistency in your data later on.

  • If by mistake you clicked on a field, it will turn into orange color. To cancel this, click on the field again and it will show you a red cross on the right side, click it to reset the field.

Once you complete matching fields, please click on the Preview button:

This will show you a page with the page summary, where all fields that do not match the formatting are highlighted. To correct these, please click on each line as shown below:

It will open the record with all fields where correction is needed marked in red.

Please correct as necessary:

The corrected version is below as an example. Then click Apply:

Once you are done with the review, click Finish. If you wish to ignore all errors, please tick the box below the Finish button and then click Finish:

Now you will be brought to a screen where you can select what you wish to do next.

Click on it and proceed:


Within PARiM follow the path below:

Locations -> Locations -> Import -> select CSV file you just saved.

Once you matched them all, click on Preview.

Should there be any errors, these will be listed in the yellow box. Adjust information as it was shown in the previous people section.

Once you are happy with everything, click Finish. As before, should you wish to skip any error, please tick the box and click Finish.

Now you can select what you wish to do next and proceed with it:


Within PARiM follow the path below:

Locations -> Clients -> Import -> select the csv file you saved

Once you are ready with matching the fields, click Preview.

As before, any errors will be listed in the yellow box and to fix those just click on the lines as shown in the people section. Once the data is fixed, click Finish. Should you wish to ignore any errors, just tick the box below the Finish button and then click Finish.

If you have any follow-up questions after reviewing the guide, write to us via the chat bubble or send an email to

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