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Client Access App (Beta)

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PARiM client portal, offering both web and mobile apps, was developed to improve

communication between you and your clients. PARiM Client Access App ensures that

your clients see shift information as well as all shift updates and changes.

1. How to start using Client Access App

To start using Client Access App, you need to activate Client Access App Module, please hover over the Profile icon in the header and then click Subscriptions.

On the Subscriptions page, please scroll down to Cleint Access App Module and then hit the button activate to start using the app:

2. Overview of app functionality

Client portal is there to help our clients share important information with their clients.

In Client Access App, you can view the schedule for your location(s). You can also look at timesheets to get an overview of shifts worked for you. The mobile app allows approving timesheets.

Under More tab, you can find additional information such as:

  • Your profile

  • Your locations

  • Company profile

  • Supplier contact details (supplier is the company that gave you access to the client portal)

Document management needs to be done on the web version of client portal.

3. Schedule page

The schedule section of the app allows you to view the schedule for your locations. Additional information is available about shift details, jobs, locations and the assignee (employee who has been assigned to work the shift).

4. Viewing, editing and approving timesheets

The app allows viewing pending and approved timesheets if this has been enabled in system settings by the PARiM administrator.

Client representatives can edit shift hours and break length. When making changes, adding a comment is necessary. Staff comments are not visible to client representatives and vice versa.

Client representatives can also approve timesheets which works the same way as an employee or admin approval. The functionality needs to be enabled in System Settings > Time & Attendance. Client approval can be found in the web portal on Timesheet List, Timesheet Table, Pay Run and Invoicing report.

5. More tab

5.1 My profile contains contact details for a client representative. In the current version, the contact details cannot be changed in the mobile app and need to be updated by either a client rep in the client portal web or a supplier on a client page.

5.2 Locations section displays all locations that the client representative has access to. The displayed information includes a map view, address, directions and checkpoints info if applicable.

5.3 Company profile displays information about the client representative's company and other client representatives.

5.4 Supplier contacts section contains contact details for the supplier company and its supervisors.

6. Mobile app notifications

Client Access App includes notifications for a client rep when new open shifts are posted to their locations and when shifts are filled.

These notifications are turned on by default but there is an option to turn them off.

7. Troubleshooting and FAQ

We will be updating this section.

If you have any questions about our client portal app or want to suggest improvements, please contact support by either starting a conversation through the chat bubble or sending an email to

8. PDF Guides for Superadmins and Clients

We have prepared PDF guides and video tutorials for you and your clients to help you get going.

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