Organising the work process
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Let's assume you have already added your people, clients, locations and events into the system and now want to get started with planning your schedule and organizing company work. This whole section of articles is here to help and guide you through that process.

Basically, the main steps for successfully organizing and monitoring your employees' work are creating shifts, assigning them to your employees, publishing your schedule and checking and organizing worksheets.

So, first of all you want to create your shifts along with all the necessary information. Then you should assign these shifts to your employees - depending on your system settings the shifts are either automatically approved or require persons confirmation.

After assembling the schedule you should publish it so that everyone knows what's going on. Then, when everything is set and the shift is done, you can go ahead and have a look at the worksheets and confirm them.

Let's start from the beginning - click HERE to find out how to create shifts.

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