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Add People to Location's Preferred or Banned list
Add People to Location's Preferred or Banned list

Add people to location, preferred people, banned people, preferred locations

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Every location has a list of preferred and banned people. Preferred people are especially welcome to work in this location and banned people is a list of people who for some reason are not allowed on the site.
You can view that list and add people to it on the location profile (go to the Locations list from the top blue menu bar and on there click on the location name). You will find the Preferred and Banned people section if you scroll down the page as seen below:

Adding People to Preferred or Banned list on Site profile:

To add a person to either section, click on the 'Add' button in the top right corner. This will open a text box where you can type in the person you want to add to the list. Once you've found your employee, click 'Add' and they should now show up in the list. To remove people from the list, simply click the little X icon next to their name.

Adding People to Preferred list on People page:

This option allows you to add one or multiple persons to the location list directly on the People page. Simply tick the persons' names and use the blue 'With selected' button to find an option 'Add to locations'.

Adding People to Preferred list on Schedule page:

People can also be added to the Preferred list directly on the Schedule calendar. If you assign a shift to an employee on any site the person will automatically go to the Preferred list for that location. What is more, if you hover over the person's name it will display three dots for menu options. Click on it to choose 'Edit locations' then select the locations and click 'Save'.

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