The Shift Reconfirmation feature is for the events only. It enables to request a reconfirmation of the shift from the staff that they will be working the relevant event.

How to set it up?

  1. Firstly, go to the Scheduling Settings and find the setting 'Event: Reconfirmation Request Before Shift Start' and set how many hours before the shift start time you want the Shift Reconfirmation Request to be sent out to staff.

The number of hours you set there will be the default hours for all the events so it is advisable to set an average time that could apply to all the events that you wish to use this function for.

At that set hour the confirmed shift will become unconfirmed again and will show as a yellow shift on the Schedule page as waiting for confirmation.

2. The shift reconfirmation option needs to be applied to each event individually. When creating a new event or editing an existing one you will need to tick the option 'Send Shift Reconfirmation Requests?' in the event dialogue box.

3. Next, choose how you want the staff to be notified of the Reconfirmation Request. The app will automatically notify that a shift needs to be reconfirmed but you can also choose to send the Reconfirmation Request Notification via Email and/or SMS. Simply go to the Notification Settings -> Scheduling -> 'Notify Staff of any activity in their Schedule' under which you will find the setting 'Event Shift Reconfirmation Request'. Turn the option for Email and/or SMS ON.

Please note that if a shift hasn't been initially confirmed but is still yellow and waiting for the first confirmation then the reconfirmation request will not be sent for that shift.

4. How can staff reconfirm their shifts? The staff can reconfirm their shifts on the app, computer and via an SMS. On the desktop the colour of the shift will turn to yellow to indicate to staff that it needs to be reconfirmed. On the app on the Schedule - when the shift reconfirmation request will go out the shift will move from the Confirmed tab to the Pending tab where it can then be reconfirmed. 

Reconfirming via an SMS
If you wish to activate this option go to the Scheduling Settings -> Staff and find the following setting 'Staff Can Accept/Reject/Reconfirm Shifts Via SMS'. If you switch this ON, the text message will include an instruction on how to reconfirm or reject the shift.

5. Go to the Notification Settings to set who will be receiving notifications about the shift reconfirmations and rejections. You can turn this on for the Managers, Supervisors and Event Managers.

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