We have made deleting people from the system a two-step process to prevent employees from being deleted by accident. Therefore, before you can go on to deleting you will firstly need to either end the contract for the person OR change their status to other than approved.

Please note! Deleting people from the system will irreversibly remove all the data related to them such as their shifts, timesheets and clocking information. If you do want to keep this data simply end the contract for the staff which will remove them from the schedule and reports but have them remain on the Contract Ended list.

Deleting people on the People page

1. To delete persons on the People list page you will firstly need to either change their status to other than approved or end their contract. To do this select the persons, click on 'With selected' and choose either changing the status or ending the contract from the options. 

2. Once you have Changed status to Waiting for approval, then the 'Delete person' will appear to the options as well under the 'With selected' actions button as seen below:

TIP! You can do the same for an individual person using three dots next to their name which will open up individual actions for that particular staff member.

3. If you decide to 'End contract', then the persons will be moved to Contract Ended list and deleting actions needs to be done there.

Deleting people on the Contract Ended list

To go to the relevant list firstly go to the general People page and from there you can switch to the Contract Status Ended view by simply click on the small arrow to choose contract ended list. Since the contract has ended for these people you can use the 'With selected' button to choose 'Delete person'.

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