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How to add an SIA Badge to an employee?
How to add an SIA Badge to an employee?
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In PARiM you can set up different default qualifications and then add these to your people.ย 

In order to add SIA Badge to your people please follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up SIA Badge as a qualification under the Qualifications in the People Settings that is found in the System Settings by clicking on the 'Add Qualification'

2. Fill in the 'Add qualification' section with correct details. You can also choose if you want to let your people to add&edit this qualification and if the qualifications is an industry standard. After completing the fields, please click on 'Save'.

3. Next, to add the SIA Badge to your people, please look up the person from the Employee list and open their profile. Within the profile open the 'Expertise' tab and click on 'Add Qualification'

4. In the next window 'Add Qualification' you will need to look up your SIA Badge qualification from the drop-down menu and fill in the additional information about it. After you have finished, please click on 'Save'

5. You have now added an SIA Badge to your employee.

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