This article will explain what are the best practices when reporting bugs to PARiM, so they could be investigated and resolved in the most time-efficient manner.

You can contact PARiM to report any bugs you've encountered by clicking on the blue chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of your PARiM environment and selecting "Send us a message":

To make it easier for our customer support and development teams to assist you, there are a few things to keep in mind.


It's very important to explain what are you trying to do and what happens instead. The more specific you can be, the easier it is for us to diagnose and resolve the issue. Please also let us know which troubleshooting steps have you already tried (e.g logging out and back in, clearing the cache, using a different device etc). If you're reporting an issue on someone else's behalf, please let us know who it is.

For us to understand why the bug happened, we should be able to recreate it in our test environment, which requires us to understand the exact steps leading up to it.

Bad example: "Help, I can't move shifts!"

Good example: "I've tried to drag and drop the security guard shift on the 2nd of September from John Smith to Jane Doe in the Calendar view, but nothing happens and no error message is provided by PARiM. I was able to drag and drop shifts this way between other people yesterday. I've logged out and back into PARiM, but the issue persists. Please see the screen recording below..."


It's easiest for us to understand and recreate the bug if you're able to take a screenshot or a screen recording of it. Both Windows and MacOS computers allow you to do this without any external software:


  • To take a screenshot, you can use the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch

  • To take a screen recording, press Windows button + Alt + R

    You can find the screen recording in Videos > Captures folder


  • To take a screenshot, press Shift + Cmd + 3

  • To take a screen recording, press Shift + Cmd + 5

    You can find the screenshot and the screen recording on your desktop


If it's necessary for PARiM customer support to access your PARiM environment, you would need to create a support user with the following credentials:

  • Email: (replace "yourteamname" with your team's name)

  • Name: ZZPARiM Support

  • Role: Superadmin (you can assign the user role from People > Roles)

You can revoke the support user's access after the investigation is finished.

If we determine your issue to be a system bug, we will create a ticket for our development team, so they could investigate it further and develop a fix.

Note that we are not able to estimate the resolution time as it depends on a number of different factors and could change over the course of the investigation, but we will keep you informed of any important updates.

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