User statuses stand for the different stages of the user registration process - first of all, a new user has to register and their account has to be activated. After that they need to fill in their details and have their profiles approved by an admin.

There are four user statuses:

  • Registration Incomplete - a new user has registered on the system but has not yet activated their account (for example if they haven't received their activation email)

  • Data Incomplete - the user has registered and activated their account but has not yet completed their profile - they can log into the site but can't do anything else until their profile is completed and approved

  • Waiting Approval - the user has filled in all of their details and are waiting for the admin's approval

  • Approved - the user's account has been completely approved and they can perform all actions on the system.

Technically there is also a fifth status - Contract Ended. If you have inserted the date of a person's contract end into the system they can no longer log into the system after that date and instead of the general people list they will show up in the 'Contract ended' section.

To change a persons's user status:

1. Find their name on the People page and click on the three dots next to their name to open the Actions menu.

2. Choose which status you wish to give to the person

3. The status should now update and display under the Status column on the person's row.

To change status for multiple people at the same time simply tick the persons' names on the list and use the blue 'With Selected' button for more actions.

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